analyze . orient . realize

Public Health

Through healthcare research and the creation of application-oriented solution concepts for the regional public healthcare market and individual conditions, we help prevent disease, prolong life and promote health.

Digital Health . E-Health . Healthtech

In Digital Health, we create the interdisciplinary link between analog healthcare and digital medical and healthcare technologies to improve the efficiency of healthcare. E-health or Healthtech complements this with modern information and communication technologies.

International Health

In International Health, our work focus is in the travel health market, dealing with health protection across regional or national borders. Like global processes, smart data analysis and infection control in analog and digital healthcare in B2B & B2G.

Global Health

Global Health aims to improve the health situation of all people worldwide and to promote equal health opportunities. We define Global Health through health as a human right and deal with the resulting necessities and possibilities for action.

Occupational health management

In Occupational health management, we support the development and organization of company structures and processes for health-promoting working conditions and behaviors in the workplace. Including education and training.


In Stakeholder management, we identify your service and product goals and the needs of key stakeholders. Stakeholder dialog, strategy development, project planning and implementation take into account the specifics of a target region and group.

About Us

Research and develop citizen-centered health solutions for local and global independent health care

The work and recommendations of RUHEPOL HEALTH ORGANIZATION are based on an open-minded analysis by our experts, who represent different perspectives. We determine the status quo, provide orientation and accompany in stakeholder management to the solution.

Founded in 2011, ruhepol health organization GmbH has developed a high level of expertise as an independent health care think tank and has built up an extensive network of cooperation partners and customers in the healthcare sector. With our projects, we have already been nominated twice for the prestigious MSD Health Award.

Our range of services covers Global Health, Public Health and Digital Health as well as Healthtech in the following segments Communication, Information & E-Education, Shopping and Smart Data with a current focus on eHealth solutions and stakeholder management.

It is important to consider solutions from the perspective of the citizens. After all, a health care system must be oriented toward their needs – whether as people interested in health, as patients or as health care providers.

Wolfgang F. Mosebach, Founder & CEO