We are creating a new approach to health

We are developing people-oriented, transparent and quality-based solutions for health care in the following fields:

Public Health

Where it’s about health care in your country

Digital Health

Where it’s about you and your personal health issues

International Health

Where it’s about transnational health care

Global Health

Where it’s about worldwide concepts regarding health care

Company health management

Where it’s about being healthy at work

Club health supervision

Where it’s about being healthy in a sports club

Our Portfolio

About Us

Research and development directed towards citizen-oriented health care solutions on a local, as well as global, independent basis.

ruhepol health organization GmbH was founded in Germany back in 2011 as an independent think tank for citizen-oriented innovations in global health care. Since then, several projects were developed to provide citizens with a better access to health data, services, products and boost overall health promotion.

ruhepol health organization GmbH has a high degree of specialist expertise as an independent and neutral health care services provider, having developed a wide-ranging network of co-operation partners and clients active in the health care sector.

The service range of ruhepol health organization GmbH encompasses global health, international health, public health and individual health in the segments information, services, products and health promotion with a current focus on eHealth solutions.

We want to focus on citizen-oriented solutions because it is their needs which should be addressed, as health-conscious individuals, patients or as members of the health care community.

Wolfgang F. Mosebach, CEO