Club health supervision

Health protection is important also in smaller societal structures. A health-oriented club will help keeping its membership fit and healthy and increase the performance of individuals or whole teams.

Areas such as health education, thorough examination of athletes and performing treatments would benefit from being more efficient, since now athletes tend to be left to themselves with doctors and therapists. Medical and therapy analysis are consistent yet also highly customized, producing a highly uniform and constant leavel of health of a club and its members.

Our approach to supervising sports clubs is holistic and interdisciplinary. The goal is health maintenance and increased performance levels. The basic package includes health education, the check-up package also includes a detailed assessment of health and performance potentials while the health management package for sports clubs also includes treatments based on interdisciplinary therapeutic strategies.

Company health management

Health prevention in a company means is necessarily one of small-scale concepts, compared with national, international, or global concepts. When it comes to holistic company health care and making work as healthy as possible, we can support employers and employees in very direct terms.

Interdisciplinary concepts such as teaching employees about allergies, back problems, or infections or about the ergonomy of individual work spaces all contribute to make employees feel and perform better which also benefits the company. Therapies of various (orthopedic) problems round off such an interdisciplinary concept.

We advise companies based on a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. The goal is a marked reduction in sick days. Aside from health education of employees, the ergonomics of their work spaces are evaluated. Examinations on the spot and treatments are available, for example regarding back problems, allergies or other complaints.

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