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Let us imagine a world where everybody has free access to the complete wealth of knowledge regarding the preservation and improvement of health. This is what we are working on.

W. F. Mosebach, founder of medinout

Our Project

ruhepol health organization GmbH is developing the web-based international information platform based on data from all medical disciplines and areas as well as a huge variety of editorial and scientific sources. With a unique way of finding content, filtering it and making it available to everybody we provide various information tools:

– encyclopedias, reference works, studies, guidelines, theses, books, eBooks, articles and entries of individual participants, newsfeeds, images and films, product information

– anonymous real life cases provided by doctors and therapists

Based on an interdisciplinary approach, various methods can now be compared in their effectivenes:

– allopathy, naturopathy, holistic medicine, manual and alternative therapies

– international and intercultural comparisons of health-oriented findings and methods

– general principles of health (including nutrition and sports)

This provides a greater transparency than before and gives people more decision-making competency:

– Content is presented in a language that laypersons will understand

– It is presented in such a way as to make direct comparisons between various medical disciplines possible



What we aim to do

Provide people with more transparent and interdisciplinary health information via the Internet.

Provide all medical service providers with interdisciplinary health information on the Internet which will make specific treatment for clients or patients or consultations easier.

To find medical experts, organizations and products of all therapeutic areas, locally and internationally by location search.

In the social area a dialogue between seekers and experience carriers, as well as an interdisciplinary exchange of experience of all disciplines, physicians, therapists and organizations realize. (Chat, telemedicine consultation and appointment.)

User Experience

A user only needs to state his problem once. He will directly receive tailor-made and personalized information and a comprehensive strategy drawing from all medical disciplines, taking into account his sex, age, background and living conditions. In addition, real life cases in the data base will mirror queries helping users to assess the success rate of treatments. This is all made possible by our secret intelligent query engine.